‘Double Distelfink’

This my reproduction of a traditional Dutch Hex Sign design. The caption is “willkommen” which means ‘welcome’ or in this case, ‘Welcome into the home’. Some believe the Dutch hex signs work as protective talismans – like good luck charms. But whatever you believe, they have a language all their own, and can speak volumes, all in a single image.

In this one, two distelfink birds perch side by side, with a flower between them.


The distelfink is a golden finch supposedly native to Europe. It symbolizes luck and happiness. The red symbolizes strong emotion. The heart symbolizes love.


So, basically, this hex sign translates to some combination of: ‘Welcome family to the beloved heart of our home in luck and happiness.’

Here’s a couple of references if you’re interested in more of the history and traditional symbology of Dutch Hex Signs, or Deutch Hex Signs.



(Please keep in mind that I did my research from years of reading actual books – not from websites, as I am a self acknowledged recovering analog fossil. My daughter found the links. I’ve never looked at any of them. So please don’t blame me for any inaccuracies in content there. You guys are awesome!)

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