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My particular contribution to my wedding, back when I was young and in my twenties and full of something or other, was a lovely, handmade knife to cut the wedding cake with. Granted, it looked a little like someone took a metal file and gave it a nice white leather hilt, and sharpened it a bit, but hey, I was young, and just starting out. My new wife loved it and that was what mattered.

Cut to several years later – I had learned quite a bit more about my new and adored hobby, and my wife was not quite so happy when I took that same precious knife and sharpened and reconfigured it to be a bit more functional and, well, just overall, better. After all, I’d been working at my new craft, and been learning so much. She forgave me though, and proceeded to give me two lovely children.

Forty years later I’m still tinkering around with my craft. I’ve studied military history, going way back, and taken advice from the many artisans who preceded me. I’ve spent countless hours making chain-mail (a young man’s game – not so great on the joints), walking sticks, Spears, arrow-heads, javelins, several modubh bearded axes, some of the more versatile pole-arms, maces, a pistol grip flail, and countless knives, swords, great swords, and everything in between.  I even made a Klatha hook one time. (Don’t ask what that is.)

After all these years, my daughter finally convinced me to stop being an analog fossil and post some of my creations online.

Some of them are historically accurate. Some of them are historically creative. All of them were fun.



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