Due WEST! ART tour 2018

Having fun at the kickoff for the art tour! This is going to be interesting. We will be showing at the Austin Public library for the next week, and each weekend will have an exhibition up out in the surrounding neighborhood. My piece is in the white box behind my right elbow. A little hard... Continue Reading →

Little Trade Dagger

This dagger is much smaller than my typical daggers. It's modeled from the Hudson Bay Trade Dagger that was traded to the Indians a long time ago. Probably this one is a lot better than the ones they traded back then, because those were made of iron and case hardened, with a very thin veneer... Continue Reading →

Bowie Knife

Based on one of Bowie’s actual knives that he left behind before he went to the Alamo, as seen at the Baylor University and the Texas Ranger Museum. There have been good arguments that it is said that Bowie liked a reversed blade, whether that meant an edge up or a point back along the... Continue Reading →

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