Often, throughout the years, I’ve been asked to create this, or re-create that, or could I do this and this and this and then tweak it like that and that and that.

It’s great to be appreciated like that, to inspire people. To give them a real-life understanding of history. And of fantasy. And it’s great for them to want more of my work. It gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Thank you to everyone who ever appreciated my work! You guys are awesome!!


I love creating. No matter how time consuming, or how hard it is or how much work it takes. I would do it if I was the only guy left in the world. I would then just talk to myself about it. A lot. It never gets old. There’s always something new to discover

Everything I make comes from a moment of inspiration. Or an hour of inspiration. Or a year of inspiration. Or an ongoing creative give and take where I keep adding and tweaking something. For years.

Even when I repeat something I love, like the Bowie knife, each one is still different and special. And I love that. I wouldn’t want to just do the same thing, over and over. Imagine asking someone to paint the same thing over and over. Or craft the same chair over and over. Boring. And time consuming. That’s just not me. Some people can do that and love it. I can’t.

I love you guys, and I do enthusiastically appreciate any inspiration you can offer me. But… if you fell in love with a sword someone else already adopted from me, most likely my inspiration has already wandered elsewhere. Which is good! I love being freshly inspired!

Granted, If I do choose to re-create one of my babies over and over, like my Bowie, it gets easier and faster. But I don’t usually do that. Once I’ve had my moment with one of my beauties, it’s usually time to move on to the next inspiration.

Also, even if that piece has already moved on, I love to talk about them all, even years after I created them. I mean, they’re like my kids! Why wouldn’t I love to talk about them! I love them to be appreciated and wanted. And sometimes that means it’s so very tempting to give my baby work away to the first person who says how awesome it is. But my daughter says I can’t do that. Bummer. But hey, she loves my work too. I respect that.

Which brings me to…


Wait– money? Sell my babies? Um. No. Never mind. My daughter handles all that stuff.

You guys are all awesome! Bye!!

Hi! I’m Swordguy’s ever-suffering bookkeeper daughter.

My dad is an artist. Each piece is unique. And it’s really hard to put a value on each piece. It’s more important to him that it’s going to a good home. It’s true value is in the value you place on it and what it adds to your life.

And remember. Adopting a truly handmade, old fashioned sword is like adopting a puppy. You can’t just stick it on the wall and expect it to weather the next 40 years without damage. Without rust. It needs care-taking. Love. It needs polishing, if nothing else.

Also, most of Swordguy’s stuff is really, really sharp. People don’t always realize what they’re getting into when they adopt one. It’s not like buying a kitchen knife. It’s a little like adopting a really, really big chef’s knife. You need skills to be able to handle that. Did you notice all the warning labels I put on the crazy videos of him swinging a gigantic halberd around? Yeah. You do that and you will lose a hand. Don’t do that.

And, seriously, thank you for your interest! I know it sounds like I don’t appreciate you guys, but I really, really do. Everyone who loves my dad’s work is pretty cool in my book.

Swordguy just wants his art to find good homes with people who value them for what they are.

Please send us a note if you’re interested in finding out if a particular piece is still available or how much it would cost. Usually Swordguy would want to meet you to make sure you’re a good fit.




One Handmade Sword:  $300 to $800, depending on complexity

One Handmade Bowie Knife:  $300 to $400 (except… these all have homes right now, maybe if he get’s inspired again)

One Handmade Carved Walking Stick:  $100 to $250, depending on complexity

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